Astro Alphabet Space-themed Flashcards

Our good friends at Lunar Saloon, Alex and Meg Griendling launched a really cool project on Kickstarted, the Astro Alphabet.  Astro Alphabet, a grow-with-you set of space-themed flashcards, has launched its funding campaign on Kickstarter. 

Lunar Saloon, creators of STARDECK, have developed a set of alphabet flashcards to be used by parents and children alike. Unlike traditional flashcards, AA is designed to be used beyond letter recognition, with pronunciation guides and facts accompanied by custom illustrations. The “grow-with-you” cards are designed for children aged 3-10. 

“AA begins a dialogue with children about galaxies, moons and planets, giving parents a jumping off point to explore beyond the backyard.” says creative partner, Alex Griendling. “We hope parents will embrace the ‘why’ stage and use their child’s curiosity as a catalyst for the first steps of scientific inquiry.”

The campaign will run from September 26 to October 25 with the goal of raising $21,000 USD. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing fundraising platform, meaning the goal must be met for the product to move forward.

You can back Astro Alphabet on Kickstarter now; starting at $18. 

Astro Alphabet Flashcards

AA Full Moon BackAA Galaxy BackAA Heat ShieldAA Ice GiantAA PackageAA Ring System BackOverheadshotWow

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