Athena Branding and Editorial Design

Starting the week with some beautiful editorial design and branding is always a good omen, at least we will get inspired and will thrive to do our best during the new week. For today's post I will feature a project title Athena, it's for a olive product made of natural ingredients. The work was done by Ana Lucía Valderrama and Marina Zertuche, both of them from Monterrey, Mexico. It's a student project, and it's not very recent, proving that good design is indeed timeless.

Athena is an olive product brand made of natural ingredients, designed for gourmet kitchen, specially for chefs. The proposal aims to stand out the brand’s values (elegance, exclusivity and purity) and to create a tangible experience between the customer and the product. The naming is meant to relate to the goddess Athena, whom according to the greek mythology created the olive tree. Athena’s gift was used for light, heat, food, medicine and perfume.

For more information check out the Behance page.

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