Athletics launches web design for career and education platform, Guild

When the venerable design agency Athletics joined forces with Guild to invigorate their website with a new web design, it was akin to a meeting of minds in the digital realm. Athletics took on the task of seamlessly integrating Guild's refreshed brand identity, meticulously crafted by COLLINS, into the online landscape. It was a project that was nothing short of an intricate dance between aesthetics and functionality.

Throughout this grand endeavor, Athletics was confronted with a puzzle of sorts - conveying Guild’s unique value proposition to its diverse audiences - employers, learning partners, and working adult learners. Each had different expectations, yet their experiences had to be woven together in a harmonious blend, all while maintaining a bold and engaging narrative flow. Quite a herculean task, indeed!

Karthik Chandhramoulie, the Sr. Director of Marketing at Guild, praised the collaboration, stating, “Thank you for your incredible work on our new Guild website. Without your contributions, we would not have launched a beautiful, functional and scalable site on time with our Brand launch! It has been an incredible journey and we have enjoyed partnering with Athletics throughout.”

The fruit of Athletics' labor is a website that presents a full spectrum of tonalities, a tribute to the myriad paths and experiences Guild's students might tread on their academic journey. It's a kaleidoscope of stories that weave together to paint a vivid portrait of Guild's mission.

To present the multifaceted student stories, Athletics crafted flexible site modules, complete with imagery, headlines, bylines, and data. This allows for a layered storytelling experience that builds as users scroll, fostering an intuitive and enjoyable reading journey.

The member spotlight module is particularly innovative. It enables site visitors to delve into the narratives of multiple members within a single page, offering a vibrant tableau of the Guild community. This design allows the Guild team to integrate various forms of content - images, quotes, data, videos - crafting a riveting snapshot of each student's unique journey.

Athletics didn’t just stop at telling stories; they ensured these stories were told in style. Full bleed, bold photography of real employees were employed to celebrate the impactful student journeys, each unique yet interconnected in the tapestry of Guild’s community. The hero photography further enhances Guild’s new brand identity developed by COLLINS.

Moreover, Athletics used animated radiating forms as a visual metaphor for Guild's mission. These radiating forms symbolize how Guild helps learners magnify their innate talents, showcasing them to the world.

Rounding off their comprehensive design, Athletics introduced a suite of micro interactions, each subtly reinforcing the concept of upward momentum. This suite of interactions mirrors the learners' growth and potential, subtly nudging the narrative towards Guild's ultimate goal - empowering learners to reach their full potential.

In all, this journey of collaboration and innovation is a testament to Athletics' two decades of expertise in the field of digital and web design, their unwavering commitment to their craft, and the subtle humor they sprinkle throughout their creative process.

Web design, site design and UX artifacts

Web design, site design and UX artifacts for Guild project by Athletics

Web design, site design and UX artifacts for Guild project by AthleticsWeb design, site design and UX artifacts for Guild project by AthleticsWeb design, site design and UX artifacts for Guild project by AthleticsWeb design, site design and UX artifacts for Guild project by Athletics

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