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Arlind Aliu - Modern Web Design

Rron Berisha shared a web design project that is definitely worth sharing here on abdz. The site was designed for Arlind Aliu is a Munich based creative developer. Arlind seeks to create projects that break the limits between technology and design by creating aesthetic, memorable, and unique digital experiences. The site features smooth animations based on scroll events alongside with a crisp visual language. The only think I don't like is that initial loading. It reminds me of old sites made in Flash.

Wealth Management UI/UX Concept

Seeing a slight shift of designers getting into fintech, financial services, and wealth management. It's a complex area to traverse knowing that the reasoning behind the business has been hereabouts for a long-time. There are definitely things to learn and to impose to keep bringing design close to the table. With that said, knowing the target audience is super key in terms of defining the experience, I kind of digging this concept by Artem Badbrother Pravda who is a product designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A—Book Modular Web Design Concept

Bang Bang Education shared a web design concept for A—Book. Basically the idea was to design a site for searching, reading and listening books. The solution is to bring four key sections of the site to the main screen. So the main screen serves as a navigation through the tabs new, collections, genres and authors, rolling up into a sandwich menu inside each section. For better recognition, genres are color coded, the book receives the color of the genre.

Web Design Inspiration - Peter Demulsant Portfolio

Tiffanie Mazellier and Peter Demulsant shared an interactive and web design project for for Peter himself. Peter is an interactive developer and the purpose of this new website was to refresh an outdated portfolio having had no update since 2014. The result is quite stunning, check out the stills below and make sure to see it live as well.

Lufthansa Web Design Concept

Petya Harmash and Egor Kostuchénko shared a web design redesign concept of Lufthansa website, the largest German airline which when combined with its subsidiaries, is the and the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. The name is derived from the German word Luft that means “air” and Hansa for the Hanseatic League. The concept design features a clean look with good contrast in terms of typography. 

Web Editorial Design for Online Store

Broklin Onjei and the Creative Invention Studio shared a web design project they created for an online fashion store and lifestyle blog for women who love and vibe with the culture of orange colour products. This project exemplifies for me what web design is today. Grid system, highly editorial and responsive. If you think about it, to make all these variables work in harmony is a big deal and it will be used as reference for the future versions of abdz.

VC Swipe Branding and Web Design

Marvin Schwaibold shared an awesome branding and UI/UX project for VC Swipe, a platform that matches and connects outstanding investors with future startups. On the platform, an AI analyses your situation and gives you the best matches based on your preferences. The focus lies on connecting early-stage startups with Angel Investors and Incubators on the quest of taking these firms to the next stage.

Designer Spotlight: Ben Mingo

We started the designer spotlight to promote designers across the globe. Times are definitely changing, we all live in a pandemic and hopefully soon a post-pandemic reality. Economically things will be difficult initially but eventually things will get better. I know this sounds super grim, but in order to help everyone to spread the word about their work. For this one brings to you the amazing web design and print design work of Ben Mingo.

Simple and Super Elegant Brand Identity for Elogic

The super talented designers at dops.digital created a brand new visual language for the e-commerce development company Elogic. The new visual language aims to speak to its customers on the same level as they speak with their website end-users.  Elogic is a 360° e-commerce powerhouse that is devoted to delivering bespoke solutions with the help of talented individuals and industry-specific expertise.

Quick Little Project Called Check The Label

For some inexplicable reason, besides, my lack of attention, I missed this really awesome web design and editorial content website project that Rolf Jensen and Daniel Spacek. Created for Cotton in New York. They refer to the work as a  quick little project called Check The Label. I wish my “quick little projects” were like that.

Beautiful Editorial Look Web Design by Anthony Goodwin

I love the direction web design is heading. It more and more resembles editorial design with focus on great typography and beautiful imagery. A good example of this is the web site created by Anthony Goodwin for Dan J Wills. The attention to details and the clever way to showcase the photographer’s work, everything is really well-thought out.

Brazilians Who Design Showcases Talented Brazilian Designers

Brazilians Who Design is a place to showcase the work of talented Brazilian designers to the world. The goal is to inspire new designers to diversify their references, experienced designers to diversity their network, and companies to diversify their teams.

Bold Web Design for Spatzek Studio

Spatzek Studio creates highly functional, unique & award-winning digital products in the most uncomplicated way possible. It was founded by Daniel Spatzek, a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Developer from Austria. Designer of the Year 2018 + 2019 @CSSDA

Ali Ali Simple & Well Designed New Site

Ali Ali is a highly acclaimed director from Cairo, Egypt. With over six Cannes Lions under his belt, he has directed more than sixty commercials for brands such as Vodafone, Google, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Amazon, and was recently named by The Gunn Report® as one of the top 10 most awarded directors in the world.

Calmaria One Page Website Design

I shared with you in the past about a new side project I am working on. It all started with me trying to find ways to cope with anxiety and stress. Access to information has helped us evolve rapidly but not without side effects. Misinformation and the strong polarization of opinions are amplified by our confirmation bias tendencies. What to believe, who is right, who is wrong? Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety.

Monthly Portfolio Inspiration with Semplice - June 2020

Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio tool by designers for designers. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from graphic designers, illustrators, type designers, multi-disciplinary designers, photographers, collage artists, visual artists and more – all created from scratch using Semplice.

Fonts Ninja, a tool that will supercharge your workflow

Fonts Ninja is a tool/chrome extension that I have been using for a long time now. It's super handy when you are in the middle of a design process to gather font inspiration for your next web design project. Or when you stumbled across a site that you found quite fascinating and you ask yourself: 'What's the font they used?'. I think we all somehow ask ourselves this question at least once. Well, Fonts Ninja was always there handy for that need.

Elegant Web Design for Industrial Designer Naoto Fukasawa

Arthur Galustyan shared a simple, clean and elegant web design he worked for a Japanese Industrial Designer named Naoto Fukasawa. I love the simplicity of the design and how it gets lovely within the interactions when they are played from transitioning from pages to pages. Personally, I am obsessed with the bottom 'description card', it adds clarity and again uniformity. It pays such a beautiful homage to Naoto's work and at the same time putting his work in a very delightful perspective.

Web Design is Still Alive - Kommigraphics

Web design is still alive and strong. I like to think that way but I know that its golden days might have passed. I still love seeing good site designs and also just plain beautiful ones. This project on Behance caught my attention, I think it was because the serif font. I think it might be a new trend coming, anyways, check it out. 

Monthly Portfolio Inspiration - May 2020

Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio tool by designers for designers. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from graphic designers, photographers, product managers, design studios, visual artists and more – all created from scratch using Semplice.

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