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Web Design for Synthesized, a DataOps Platform

The fine folks from Tubik Studio have shared a web design project for Synthesized, a DataOps Platform. Synthesized promotes collaboration between sensitive data for growth and innovation. I particularly love their work on branding where dealing with 'sensitive' in other words 'boring' to transform it into a dynamic brand direction. I personally dig those 'wave graphs' that could make me think of different visual treatments of the 'excel sheet'. Also, lovely choice of color that would promote tech and contrast on the approach.

Decoroom Stylish UI/UX and Web Design

Kirill Kim shared a quite beautiful web design and UI/UX project. There’s not much information about the project created for Decoroom, however the vignettes shared highlight the minimal look, the elegant use of photography and typography with one of my favorite typefaces, Inter.

Reinventing the 'graphic design' handbook

We are taking a look at theguide.design which is a platform designed for 'Shillington Graphic Design course'. An experience designed by the fine folks from Standing By Co. where they have built an ultimate digital guide to learn the basics of graphic design. What a great way to reinvent the digital experience of a handbook, I hope the students will enjoy this unique experience. Through the overall experience and the transitions; what I think I love the most about the experience is how adaptable it is.

Web Design Concept Inspired by Le Corbusier

German Zhevmerev and Denis Valetin shared a concept web design project with a super elegant and stylish typography for Le Corbusier (fr. Le Corbusier, real name Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, October 6, 1887, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland - August 27, 1965, Roquebrune Cap Martin, France) — French architect of Swiss origin, pioneer of architectural modernism and functionalism, international style architecture, an artist and designer.

Neker Mobile and Web Design

Plus X has a connotation of the message that “We Add Experience for Your Brand.” Brand experience design means providing consumers with valuable brand experience through consolidated online and offline designs based on the consistent brand strategy. They believe that key brand messages or service functions can be effectively delivered when various media channels meet strategic marketing. That is visible in the mobile web UX/UI, web design and user experience work created for Neker.

Handsome New Foundation for Global Architecture Firm, Page — Case Study

The amazing team over at handsome shared a case study of the new web design for Page, a global multidisciplinary architecture and engineering firm, has partnered with branding and experience design agency handsome to evolve their brand for the digital age and redesign their website into an experience that was worthy of their talent, expertise, and passion for their work.

Flowering — Design for Online Flower Store

Dana Hora shared a web design project titled Flowering. The work is for the design of an online store for a studio that makes flower bouquets. The task was to create a high-quality, well-thought-out and convenient website where you can buy flower bouquets and flower decor from the online store.

Muko© Los Angeles Branding & Web Design

Vitali Zahharov shared a really stylish branding, product and UX design for Muko© Los Angeles. Vitalin hasn’t shared much information about the project, but we really love the overall look and feel with the beautiful typography and layout compositions. The project was commissioned by MODDEN

Moneta — Branding and Web Design

Dot Creative shared a branding and web design project for Moneta, an imaginary financial news brand with the mission of informing its audience about the critical and important actions of the global financial scene. The UX team at Dot Creative challenged themselves and designed a news portal that offers an original and interesting journalistic tone with a vigorous in-depth expertise in the background.

The Harbour Branding and Web Design

Gil Huybrecht shared a branding and web design project created for The Harbour, a funding agency in Belgium that makes sure companies can grow in the right way by working strategy first. Gil shared some details about the design process, like the grid system and how the brand manifests through different mediums.

TypeType Website Redesign

Pavel Emelyanov and Comence Studio shared an inspiring web design project for TypeType. Their task was to completely rethink the TypeType website. New catalog, new structure, full change of font tester, extended information about TypeType foundry. The main page of the site is also a font catalog. Three font review modes with full functionality to try any font right on the screen. A complete overview of the font family including a type tester for any font style.

Solitaire Digital Web Design

Hrvoje Grubisic shared a beautiful web design project featuring a crisp and classic typographical look. If you look at it very closely you will understand why I love it. It does remind me of some of the screens of the blog, but Hrvoje definitely did a much better job than I did here.

Web Design with a Penchant Typhography

Studio Fabio Biesel is an independent Design Studio based in Ravensburg, Germany. They create visual concepts and designs with a penchant for typography. “Whether it's corporate design, animation, web design or type design – as long as it thrills us – we are interested” - they mentioned in the project description. It’s hard for me to not be biased, as I share the same name “Fabio” but the work is truly awesome!

Tonik Web Design

Piotr Kaźmierczak, Jacek Janiczak, Maciej Żelaznowski shared a web design project on their Behance for Tonik, a design studio that describes themselves as a studio that tickles users in all the right places making your business thrive. It’s an interesting mission, but my focus is more on the web design work shared here.

Introducing Editor X - a responsive Web Design Tool

We have been getting news about Editor X from our friends at WIX. They are out of BETA and it's now official launched! It would be great to try but what's particular with this tool is that is the only fully collaborative web creation platform on the market right now. Meaning that it will let you and your team members working collaboratively and simultaneously on a website. It's pretty insane if you ask me, let's take a look at their announcement.

Canvas Study - Web Design Explorations

Canvas Study WebProject is a site that JungIk Lee created while studying HTML Canvas. The ultimate goal was nothing more than just having a site where JungIk could see the progress of his studies. We, as spectators, could not be happier to witness that and use it for inspiration. For more information make sure to check out the website at https://canvas.jjangik.com/?ckattempt=1

Minimalist Web Design for Snøhetta

Maxim Soloninkin shared a minimalist web design project for Snøhetta, a globally renowned architecture, interior architecture, product and graphic design company with over 240 employees from 32 countries. I love the work that Maxim has done here and will definitely use it for reference for some abdz.do changes I am planning very soon.

Arlind Aliu - Modern Web Design

Rron Berisha shared a web design project that is definitely worth sharing here on abdz. The site was designed for Arlind Aliu is a Munich based creative developer. Arlind seeks to create projects that break the limits between technology and design by creating aesthetic, memorable, and unique digital experiences. The site features smooth animations based on scroll events alongside with a crisp visual language. The only think I don't like is that initial loading. It reminds me of old sites made in Flash.

Wealth Management UI/UX Concept

Seeing a slight shift of designers getting into fintech, financial services, and wealth management. It's a complex area to traverse knowing that the reasoning behind the business has been hereabouts for a long-time. There are definitely things to learn and to impose to keep bringing design close to the table. With that said, knowing the target audience is super key in terms of defining the experience, I kind of digging this concept by Artem Badbrother Pravda who is a product designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A—Book Modular Web Design Concept

Bang Bang Education shared a web design concept for A—Book. Basically the idea was to design a site for searching, reading and listening books. The solution is to bring four key sections of the site to the main screen. So the main screen serves as a navigation through the tabs new, collections, genres and authors, rolling up into a sandwich menu inside each section. For better recognition, genres are color coded, the book receives the color of the genre.

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