Awesome Concept Cars

Hi everyone, I'm a new writer here at Adbuzeedo. I love all things design (like most of you reading this) and this is my first posting and I hope you enjoy it.

I've seen many concept cars in my lifetime, whether on the web or at a car show, but I've never seen anything like these before. These concepts come from the Royal College of Art (I'm guessing that's in the UK somewhere). They're incredible! But of course, like all concept cars, I'll probably never see them on the streets...ever. Oh well, they're still cool to daydream about.

Vehicle design at the Royal College of Art turns 40 next year. The postgraduate course, with a global reputation for nurturing up-and-coming car designers, boasts an alumni that reads like the who’s who of the car design world. It includes highly influential figures like Peter Horbury who turned Volvo around, and the maverick designer of Ford of Europe, Martin Smith, as well as Jaguar design chief, Ian Callum. Other graduates include the original Audi TT designer and current head of Kia design, Peter Schreyer and Aston Martin’s design director Marek Reichman. This year’s fourteen graduates kept the flag flying. Competing for the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design award, their projects ranged from a fresh take on eco-design to finding new ways of expressing personalisation. A couple of the students even challenged the status quo by designing boats for an imaginary future destroyed by global warming.

Enigma concept by Paul Howse

Winner: Airflow concept by Pierre Sabas

Concept car by Ilaria Sacco

omega concept by Joonas Vartola

This weird wavy blue one below is actually the concept for the interior of a car. It's supposed to be flexible and allow for a much more comfortable ride as it conforms to your body. I just came back from a long car ride this weekend and because I'm tall (6' 4" or 1.9 meters) I'm always uncomfortable.

Commended: Noah concept by Jung Hoon Rhee

Commended: Phoenix concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva

Winner: Nuaero concept by Jon Radbrink

Nereus concept by Ceri Yorath

I found this on design boom, who got it from Hi-Res, who originally got it from Wallpaper (Oh the internet is such an incestuous place. lol)

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