Awesome Horror Movies


This is probably one of the most common posts on Halloween, but I couldn't just turn my cinephile side down. And it isn't all about posters itself, but it's about good, classic movies.

There are some horror movies that are part of my childhood, and building this post was actually pretty fun, 'cause I got to remember some badass horror flicks. From Candyman to the Amytville Horror, there are so many classics that it's really worth taking a look at this list just to remember how horrors were really cool sometime ago, and how we need a serious reboot for the entire genre for better quality movies. Of course, some of these are not that old, some are teenage horror (like the Faculty) but still, got me the goosebumps at some point of my life. Also, there are oldies and its remakes, like Romeros' zombie classics, and a bunch of first ones (usually, horror sequels suck bad, like the Scream ones). Hope you all enjoy it, and remember these awesome flicks! Cheers! ;)

The only horror trilogy that is actually pretty damn scary.

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