Awesome Illustrations by Alex Griendling

Alex Griendling is a designer and illustrator working for Google in California. He is heavily involved in a redesign effort that is impacting Google's largest and smallest products. Hist team, the Google Art Department, is focused on improving Google’s visual standards and the cohesiveness of its brand. Outside of Google, he likes to develop new personal projects, update his blog, read comics, obsessively watch Back to the Future, and meet new people.

We selected a few images from Alex's portfolio to share with you. For more information about Alex and to check out his full portfolio visit:

Virtua Fighter T-Shirt

Long Live the King


My First Time Travel Kit


A collaborative project in which 52 designers and illustrators each create a unique raygun. The project began in mid 2011 when I received a strange transmission from the year 2258.


Journey Illustration

Dick Tracy Poster

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