Awful Photoshop Disasters


I laughed really hard yesterday when I payed a visit to Photoshopdisasters. There's a ton of awful, awful mistakes, errors and stuff that you cannot believe. When one checks these, it's unbelievable how all of these were printed or used somehow.

I just know that these never passed through any kind of review or checking. And the best thing about these, is that also includes a title for each image, what enhances the comedy... enhances so much I cried yesterday. I hope you enjoy these, and seriously, you should go visit Photoshopdisasters. Cheers! ;)

We Hate You Stupid Customers

Awful Photoshop DisasterELF

Face Off

Awful Photoshop DisasterSyms


Awful Photoshop DisasterAdam And Eve

Are You Pulling My Leg?

Awful Photoshop DisasterEspace Maillots De Bain


Awful Photoshop DisasterWeird Al Yankovic

I Don't See Anything Wrong With It

Awful Photoshop DisasterFreizeit Revue

Token Brilliance

Awful Photoshop DisasterCity of Toronto

It's A Crime To Print It

Awful Photoshop DisasterLa Senza

All This And No Brains Too

Awful Photoshop DisasterHugo Boss

Lettuce Never Forget!

Awful Photoshop DisasterVeja

Mind The Gap

Awful Photoshop DisasterMike Jones

The Cutout Of Delight

Awful Photoshop DisasterCloser


Awful Photoshop DisasterCrescer

Linda Blair Special

Awful Photoshop DisasterHairdressers Journal

Show A Little Leg

Awful Photoshop DisasterNew Look

Behind you!

Awful Photoshop DisasterIm Juli

Tatooine's Best Restaurant

Awful Photoshop DisasterThe Sunset

The Pond Of Implausibility

Awful Photoshop DisasterMaxim

A Bit Cuoreless

Awful Photoshop DisasterCuore

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