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Behance, how often do you go on it? How many times a day? How many times a week? We love Behance here on Abduzeedo. It has been bringing so many new artists to our attention throughout the years and we can't help to recognize its true purpose to the platform. What also brought us to our attention is this campaign concept by Vlad Likh on: "What if Behance did some massive campaign/advertising to promote their brand? What it would look like?". Let's take a look!

Behance is a place that enables people to unleash their creativity. Why not use the service logo "Bē" to express this idea for communication purposes?




About Vlad Likh

Vlad is an Art Director/Designer from Triangle/Cross Collective based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He focus his work into identity, web, motion, advertising campaign, strategy & other fields of brand creation.

More on the project via Behance.

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