Beautiful 3D projects in Low Poly Modeling

Mohamed Chahin is a 3D artist from Alexandria, Egypt with an incredible portfolio full of 3D projects and compositions that are just awesome. I love his Low Poly personal challenges like the 30 Days of Low Poly which is always been featured at Dribbble. There's a lot to love about his work, the color palettes, the simplicity and especially how clever the comps are. In terms of tools, he seems to use Blender, which is a free 3D tool. That makes it even more compelling and exciting for us willing to jump on the 3D train. 

If you are interested in learning more about his process, Mohamed Chahin shared some super useful time-lapse videos of on some of his 3D projects pages on Behance. It gives a good overview of the level of details and how long it takes to get to the results he get. At the end of the day is totally worth it.

3D projects

Switch pokemon 4330 Days of Poly Day #330 Days of Poly Day #130 Days of Poly Day #230 Days of Poly Day #530 Days of Poly Day #430 Days of Poly Day #6Wolvie30 Days of Poly Day #7Untitled 1Color study #4ButterflyGorillaAliensDays of type SPirate shipDays of type MDays of type V

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