Beautiful Graphic and Motion Design by Plenty


A couple of days ago while checking some Web sites for my daily dose of inspiration I came across this beautiful animation for Fox Retro, it was heavily inspired by the 80s with all those colors and light effects that we are expecting to see. I really liked that and decided to learn more about the guys behind it, then I ended up on the Plenty's Web site.

Plenty was born from the merger between Gula and Playful (Mariano Farías and Pablo Alfieri), a bureau of young professionals with a strong passion for graphic design and mothiongraphics. During the last few months they have worked on several projects in areas such as advertising and TV branding, joining the art direction and motiongraphics of Pablo, Mariano and their group of great talents. We work with clients like MTV LA, MTV International, VH1, NatGeo, AXN Japan, Schweppes, Gancia One & Pilsen. Hope you will become our next client!

Our vast experience, the fine quality of our customers, our flexibility in assembling multidisciplinary teams and our inexhaustible passion is the brand that defines us and guarantees the success of our customers.

For more inforatiom about Plenty you must visit their Web site at, simply fantastic work.

Some works

Celebrate Today - Chandon

CraveroLanis BTL trusted Plenty again, this time with Chandon Argentina new campaign. After receiving Pablo Fusco's beautiful film, we edited and post-produced the commercial with cubes of glamour, a graphical resource used in the rest of Chandon's campaign print pieces.

Chandon - Celebrate Today from Plenty on Vimeo.

Fox Retro Birthday Id

Fox Retro summoned us together with our dear friend Fantasma™ in order to join forces and develop a very special piece: an Ident to commemorate its birthday. The client had imagined a one minute piece of animation, where all its series are showed in a 80´s retro-futuristic spatial Pinball. What a nice trip!

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Fox Retro "Pinball" - Birthday ID from Plenty on Vimeo.

Dr. Lemon Vodka & Tequila

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Coke Teens

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

The Magic is in the Mix

Schweppes was a Comprehensive project for George Patterson Australia Y&R, in which we were in charge of the graphic campaign art direction. The art was taken to a further step into the screen, and we produced a 3D TV spot where the printed formula (1+1=3) came into life, providing coherency trough the whole project

Schweppes "The magic is in the mix" from Plenty on Vimeo.

Plenty™ - Reel October 2010

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Plenty™ Reel 2010 from Plenty on Vimeo.

Mtv Top Ten - The Race

MTV International called us to generate a 30 second Promo for its program " Top Ten ". The idea was to represent a spheres race to fame and fortune in full battle, knowing that only the best 10 will cross the threshold.

Mtv Top Ten from Plenty on Vimeo.

Mtv Only Hits

MTV Europe launched its new show called MTV Only Hits, that choose and shows to their viewers today´s Rock & Pop greatest hits. We developed the show graphic pack based on a totem built by music instruments and pop icons in motion.

MTV Only Hits from Plenty on Vimeo.

Fox international Channels Ids - Popcorns and Coins

Beautiful Graphic Motion Design by Plenty

Fox ID - Coins from Plenty on Vimeo.

Fox ID - Pop Corn from Plenty on Vimeo.

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