Beautiful iOS Game Design: Isometry

I've never had the opportunity to work on a game design in my entire career and as I was recently browsing the work of some designers I now understand why I've not made the venture into that space. The reality is, I would fail miserably with the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required, especially in the concept and drawing phases. The game design project I discovered on Behance today exemplifies this to a T.

The project is titled iOS Games | Isometry collection and it was shared and I believe created by Mike, a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience. As you can see below, the drawings are absolutely beautiful, rich and full of details. Then the translation to 3D becomes much more subtle.

My forte is beautiful and user-orientated graphic design. I create logotypes, icons,and illustrations. And design websites, applications, games, and user interfaces. - Mike

Game Design

Game Design - Isometry collection

For more information about Mike and to see more of his projects, make sure to check out his Behance profile. There are other great projects on game design, illustration and web design. You can also see a lot more of his drawing skills, especially the Sketchbooks, Character Design.

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