Beautiful Retro Look Illustration by The Brave Union

The Brave Union founded by Kevin & Kristen Howdeshell is a husband and wife team based in Kansas City that began collaborating 10 years ago in college. Since then, they have taken on the freelance world and have created animated sequences mostly to help others tell their amazing stories in film. For this post we would love to feature some of their beautiful illustration work.

The love of telling stories, although with many varying methods, has never felt more important to their now grown-up hearts. With two kids of their own, the tradition of the bedtime story, although in reality can be a bit hectic, has become absolutely important to their nightly routine. It's become a time of bonding, sharing, and affection.

As a team, they want to now focus on creating products geared for the family, and invite others who share this journey with them. They also have a great style and the illustration artworks feel like they were created in a time that has long passed with great usage of texture and that dirty look (for lack of better word) of the past.


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