Beautiful Vector Illustration by FUGSTRATOR

Michael Fugoso is a San Diego based designers and illustrator with some incredible illustration work. Fugstrator as he is also known on Instagram, where he posts some of his most recent work. The cool thing about Michael's illustration in my opinion is the style. It brings back some of the skeuomorphic elements but it also blends with some beautiful cutout paper effects. He also has a series of illustrations on aircrafts and spaceships, all with a bit of a retro mood.  Like the Paper Shuttle Launch project. 

Fugoso's process starts always with hand-drawn and then he moves on to rendering, usually on a vector tool like Adobe Illustrator or Autodesk Graphic. Most of the time he gets commissioned to do fan art or about popular icons of the past. He is very proud to say that all of his work starts from drawings, done by hand. Another one of his passions is photography, it helps him to find inspiration because he loves taking photos he mentions on his site. 

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