Beautiful Visual Identity for Adobe Live

Chris Kelly and Colin Trenter shared a beautiful visual identity project for Adobe. It was for the opening sequence for Adobe Live and as you can see in the video and still below, it features some super stylish vectors, gradients and animations. I love seeing these types of project and I hope you can get as inspired as I got.

Our friends at Adobe asked us to create an opening sequence for AdobeLive - streaming sessions featuring top creatives as they share their process and interact with viewers, live!  


  • Client: Adobe Live
  • Directed by: Oddfellows
  • Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
  • Art Direction: Yuki Yamada, Jay Quercia
  • Animation Direction: Josh Parker
  • Production: Erica Kelly, TJ Kearney
  • Design: Yuki Yamada, Sarah Beth Hulver, Jay Quercia, Manddy Wyckens,
  • 2d Animation: Josh Parker, Tyler Morgan, Handel Eugene, Kavan Magsoodi, Khylin Woodrow, Stan Cameron
  • 3d Animation: Chris Guyot, Chris Kelly
  • Music and Sound: CypherAudio

Visual Identity

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