Behind the Scenes: Creating the Walls of AppDynamics Office


We're excited to feature a newly launched project from the mastermind's of San Francisco based creative agency, Butchershop Creative. The project, designing the interior walls of San Francisco based company, AppDynamics. The inspiration, the "pixel."

We love getting a sneak peek at the creative process behind such a large-scale and technical collaboration.

Peek the documentary and check out some of the images and wall descriptors below. Our favorite, the aptly dubbed "If These Walls Could Talk" whereby giant half-toned faces of influential icons from Marilyn Monroe to Bill Cosby, Einstein to Da Vinci were subtly placed as back drops for meeting rooms.


Creating The Walls of AppDynamics Office - Butchershop Creative from Butchershop Creative™ on Vimeo.


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Ibby Sasso

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