A Blue Moon Book

The talented people over at Wedge & Lever never cease to impress and inspire me. Every project that they share on their Behance profile has something worth sharing. The View From A Blue Moon Book is a great example of meticulous attention to detail and, visually, a level of craftsmanship that make me envy them, in a good way of course. Without further ado, check out this stunning project.

What is cool about this project is the beautiful outcome, with a wide variety of layouts and compositions. They were also very generous to share a bit more of the behind the scenes with the grid, and also how they came up with several of the images, like the one with water ripples over text.

Before production of View From A Blue Moon began, we knew that a print piece would be just as critical to the project’s success as the film. A plan was developed to have photographers on hand to meticulously document every moment of the production process. Between these photographers, John Florence’s personal images, and terabytes of 4K footage to pull framegrabs from, there’d be more than enough visual content to create the in-depth documentation of the three-year project. When production wrapped for View From A Blue Moon, nearly 50,000 images were cataloged. After three rounds of photo editing, we got the image selects down to a much more manageable amount: 2,000. These selects ranged from decades-old family photos to RED framegrabs shot from helicopters flying over desolate stretches of African coastline. We then collaborated with CR Stecyk III and the Hurley team to craft the written content, which ranges from unguarded interviews with the cast and crew to long-form essays.

Wedge & Lever is an independent design studio based in San Diego, California. For more information check out http://www.wedgeandlever.com/

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