Bold Brand Identity for !Konferansen Women's Conference

Larssen & Amaral created beautifully provocative yet elegant brand identity for !Konferansen, a conference for women in Norway. What caught my initial eye was the striking and bold visual language. You feel the words howling from the page in a way which fits seamlessly with the mission of the conference. !Konferansen was founded with the goal to provoke change by providing a platform for discussion and debates amongst strong woman and enabling them to share their moving stories. 

!Konferansen is a new Norwegian conference for women, by women. The conference aims to provoke change and inspire growth—setting focus on strong women and their stories. The conference will consist of a series of lectures, debates and discussions. We were tasked with creating the new visual identity and marketing materials.

Larssen & Amaral is a Norwegian-American design consultancy offering fully-integrated design services. Our diverse international backgrounds bring together over 15 years of combined industry experience working with brand identity, graphic design, and retail design. For more information and to learn how you can be a part of next year's conference check the site here. 

Brand Identity 

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