Book Suggestion: Typology - Type Design From Victorian Era to the Digital Age

The book suggestion of the week is one of my favorites, it's called Typology: Type Design From Victorian Era to the Digital Age and it covers a lot of art history always linking with types and typography. It's a must read for those starting out their careers or even willing to dust off their typology and typography skills.

About the book

A must-have for designers, not to mention that quirky group in love with type for types sake (you know who you are), Typology is the most visually dynamic compendium of typefaces on the market. Steven Heller and Louise Fili, two of the most admired and respected designers working today, cover everything from the classic elegance of the late 19th century to the fractured hypermedia of today.

Organized by historical era and country of origin, each section introduces the culture and aesthetic of the period, discusses how individual styles developed, and offers insights into the artistry of key typographers and foundries. Expertly assembled and thoughtfully written, no other book encompasses this wealth of type styles in historical context. Its pages are profusely illustrated with hundreds of complete alphabets, and such original artifacts as type sheets, catalogs, broadsides, posters, and many other primary source examples. In all, Typology is the long-awaited type encyclopedia destined to be a standard reference work for years to come.

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