BramTalks on How to Create New Digital Art

We’ve been fans of the work of designer & maker Bram Vanhaeren for quite a while. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, he has been creating and making many works with that distinct style of his with a vibrant colorful palette coming together with unique vector shapes.

About 4 months ago, Bram made his debut with a YouTube Channel where you can find interesting videos on different insights on the industry and some of this life experiences. It’s quite lovely to follow along, definitely give it a watch. For today’s feature, Bram is sharing his process on making new digital art, hope you will enjoy!

Wonder how I create a new portrait? How I exactly work? Today I'm really excited to share precisely how I create new work and show you my process. Starting with an idea, a hyper time-lapse shot - to give you a glimpse on all the magic that happens in Illustrator & some insights how I pick my photographic material.

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BramTalks on How to Create New Digital ArtBramTalks on How to Create New Digital Art


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