Brand Identity for the 2018 Adobe Summit

Angela Fisher shared a beautiful brand identity project that she worked on for the 2018 Adobe Summit which it is a celebration of Experience Makers. The project is simply awesome and we had to feature it here on ABDZ, especially because Angela was kind to post quite a few details about the process. 

"Maker" by definition is a person who create; form; shape. Based on the theme, the event identity should be equally expressive in both digital and physical form. This year the identity consists of two components: modular block pattern (vector) + physical installation (photographs). 

You might ask why create a physically installation then photograph it when one can achieve nearly identitical result from digital renderings? A bespoke installation is unique. Through the makers’ hands they’ve each added a layer of depth which is one of a kind, hard to replicate with digital renderings.

Much like the range of skills required of modern day Experience Makers, the final artwork is blend of a variety of disciplines: 2D & 3D, digital & physical, software skills & traditional crafts, plus a lot of love. 

A condensed version of our creative journey is documented below.

Many thanks to our delightful partner, DBLG, for turning the concept into reality.

Brand Identity

Inspiration / Mood board

The installation was photographed at Holborn Studios from various angles, with and with out industry props.Modular block pattern combined with small sections from photo(s) is being used in various event assets.