Brand Identity for The Creative Republic

 Mireldy shared a beautiful brand identity project they worked on for The Creative Republic, a regional creative communication festival held in Bihać, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. 

The three-day event takes place at the Museum of the Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) and brings together experts from various fields of visual communication and advertising. The name of the festival refers to the Bihać Republic, a liberated area inside occupied Yugoslavia during WWII; Bihać was its capital city and a place where the first session of AVNOJ was convened. 


Shaping the visual identity of this year's festival in a way which conceptually or visually creates a link to its location (city symbols) while promoting the Creative Republic as a meeting place for creative people from across the region.


For this edition of the festival, we have designed a coat of arms of the Creative Republic inspired by the historical symbols of the City of Bihać, and we turned them into an imaginative play to convey a vision of the free Creative Republic. The idea behind the selected typography and graphical treatment of the elements was to produce a reflection of the aesthetics behind the coats of arms of the former Yugoslav republics and a visual link with the name of the festival and its venue (Museum of AVNOJ).

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About Mireldy

Mireldy is Imelda Ramović and Mirel Hadžijusufović - art directors, designers and illustrators who have been creating together in the fields of advertising, art and culture, music and fashion industry for over 10 years. During that period, they have independently and with numerous advertising agencies gathered an impressive number of projects and awards (Red Dot, New York Festivals, Cresta, Magdalena, Type Directors Club, ADCC…). They enjoy developing creative concepts, packaging, brands, but also to creatively express themselves in different areas of work and life. For more information check out

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