Brand Identity for Dubai Coffee Shop Rise

Brand identity posts are never enough in my opinion. I feel that it's probably one of the most challenge design projects due to its constraints and the canvas you have to create for. If you think about it, the outcome is a simple composition with typography and with or without a symbol. The Rise project that Crate47 UK illustrates that quite well. From the sketches you can see how many different ideas they came up with to end up with a super simple result. I always love seeing that and thought it would be cool to share it here with you.

Rise, a speciality coffee shop based in the heart of Dubai, was another joint brand and interior studio collaboration between Crate47 and Liqui Design. We were tasked with creating a shop and brand that had a casual and relaxed feel, but with a mature look and slightly edgy style. The logo was inspired but the morning sunrise, whilst the sub-branding took inspiration from the interior framework designed by Liqui. The client chose our coffee shop startup brand package, which included the design of cups, menu’s and apparel.

Brand Identity Process

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