Brand Identity Love: The Dean Hotel in Providence, RI

If you're enjoying my obsession with cool hotels I hope you dig today's post showcasing some super clever brand identity work for The Dean Hotel, a charming boutique hotel located in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is a quaint New England town home to Brown University so communicating to an audience that is savvy, sophisticated and turned off by the traditional marketing engine makes for a big challenge to create something that will captivate in a simple and sophisticated fashion. 

As a good copy aficionado I was most significantly wooed by the best copywriting I've seen in some time that shows up at every single touchpoint a guest would encounter. From customary places like luggage tags, matchbooks and stationary to unexpected locales like the parking lot and shower, guests are treated to quirky little quips to delight even the most grumpy traveler. 

The work was created by the talented team at Watson & Co. out of NYC and entailed strategic oversight of everything from branding, packaging and digital to the physical environment of the hotel.  After perusing their site you can understand how they call other iconic brands like The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus and Lincoln Center clients.

We believe the best brands embody the art of their product and then simplify, elevate, and amplify it.



Brand Positioning of the Next Generation Hotel

Meet The Dean. He’s actually a bit young to be The Dean, but he’s smart and has a lot of quality friends, so he’s handling the position quite well. Some say he’s a Providence, RI figure of cultural authority, other people just like to sleep with him. Either way, his strong historical background, eye for design, and general ability to ‘not be a dick’ keep people coming back. To share all of that we handled the branding, got some headshots, and created an all around strategy — website included — for the guy who otherwise seems to need no introduction. We like to think it’s as cool as he is. (P.S. Did we mention he’s hot? He’s hot. And he has cousins. Let us know if you’re going to be in Detroit anytime soon.)

Book your room and sleep with The Dean on your next stop to Providence. 


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