Branding with Alex Register


Alex Register is a graphic designer graduating this month from the Iowa State University. Even though he is fresh out of school his work is very professional and really well designed.

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I stumbled into design on accident and have been hooked ever since. The intersection of communication and creativity really energizes me and pushes me forward. I ground my work in strong conceptual thinking and an attention to detail. - Alex Register


Branding for Iowa-based wedding photographer Logan Clement. The client wanted something that was reflective of both his personality and style.


Branding and collateral for a liquor store that focuses on personal service and local community. Collateral includes business cards, promotional posters, coozies, coasters, and packaging for make your own sampler packs.


A branding project done during my Junior year at Iowa State. Drawing on themes from 1950s America, my group and I developed an identity system for a quirky bed and breakfast located in San Francisco. This project received Best of Identity Development at the 2012 ADAI Student Design Exhibition.


A satirical branding project for a corporation that helps people lose weight through the use of tapeworms. The project brief was to develop and brand a company as a parody of existing corporations. I analyzed companies and ads associated with personal image in order to isolate and exaggerate their messages.

For more from Alex visit, @Alex_Register.

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