Branding and Packaging Design: Milk

Milk Packaging is a packaging design, branding and graphic design project shared by Erik Musin on his Behance profile. I have seen and posted quite a few packaging design projects for milk carton but this one from Erik is probably the coolest. At least it's the most elegant in terms of simplicity and clever by the way he uses the pink color for the lid. There's not much to add from my side in terms of description, you have to check it for yourself, so just scroll down and enjoy it.

The goal was to develop a sing/emblem and a package. I ran into a situation that I always forget to close or even lose cap of a package,so the product often become spoiled. It was kinda like paranormal activity to me. But I don't want to accept this so I put myself a task to fix that problem . I took as a basis a sign,designed by me - it was a simple form of a circle, because I want to represent the simpleness and functionality, so the cup of milk could be opened and closed in one motion, and without twist-off caps

Erik is a  a freelance graphic designer based in Saint-Petersburg ( Russia ), focused on illustration, lettering, logos , branding. For more information check out

Branding and Packaging Design

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