Bringing Unity in our diversity through large Mural Design

We are huge fans of Kyle Steed and have been following his career since the early days of the blog. We've always admired his work, even though according to him, he's still figuring it out. His work goes from simple frames to huge painted murals. In addition, he's managed to gather a huge following on Instagram and for great reason. The motive of this post, however, is to shine a light on his most recent project and biggest mural design he's ever endeavored to create. Not only is it overwhelminginly powerful in size, the social message speaks volumes as well. 

The idea was born out of a tragedy that happened in Dallas last summer. A gunman shot and killed 5 police officers downtown during a peaceful protest. The racial tensions were high in the city, and across the county. Racial divide was on everyone's mind. With those words Kyle describes the project and he adds: 

So these hands came to me as a kind of metaphor for unity in our diversity. Showing that no two hands are the same. Showing that strength resides not in our singularity but in our plurality. Meaning, when we do something good (however small) it can inspire and encourage someone else to do something equally or greater good.

Below you can see some images of the artist process of this incredible mural

Mural design

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