Buff - Exhibition Catalogue

Editorial design has become almost an addiction to me. I used to spend most of my time checking illustrations and photo-manipulation but in the past few years I noticed that compositions, grid and typography were gaining traction. Every time I see someone posting about this subject on Behance or Dribbble I dig deep trying to learn a bit more about the project and how the designer came up with that solution. For this post today I will share the work of Max Winter.

Max Winter's project is titled Buff - Exhibition Catalogue, 2015 and it was created for his bachelor degree final project. It's a catalogue for a fictional exhibition, which would focus on the aesthetics of graffiti removals. Visualizing three facts of those removals was his main task. The layer, that ordinarily hides graffiti, is symbolized by the paper itself. Because of the japanese binding the paper is covering some content which is only printed on the inside.

A graffiti removal piece is also influenced by accident which i visualized by using a script that was placing the content randomly. For the cover i used the look of a washed out tag. The result is a catalogue that is also functioning as a navigation tool while visiting the exhibition and offers gimmicks like posters to take the exhibition home.

For more information about Max, check out his work at http://www.wntr.de/

Max Winter does not earn the rights of the used images and they were just used for the presentation at the university of applied sciences Potsdam.

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