Bundle Giveaway by Fusion and Carbon Ads - Winners


Fusion and Carbon Ads joined their force to make an awesome bundle to give you 10 reasons to fall in love with productivity and increase your effectiveness in your daily routine.

We have 5 licences to giveaway so you can get your hands on this Productivity Bundle. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you.


The winners are LadyArum (ladyarum@gmail.com), SmokingDesigners, Andres Quintana (andres@iamzb.com), NathanDillaha (nathandillaha@gmail.com) and Kristy Marr (kirstymarr@gmail.com).

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everybody for participating. I'll contact the winners and we'll send you your productivity bundle via your email!

Here's some images of what's the content of the productivity bundle

About Fusion Ads

Our passion is to serve ads that are downright gorgeous, accepting only relevant advertisers of the highest calibre. We choose from among cream-of-the-crop publishers who exclusively show only a single ad per page.

For more information about Fusion Ads, you can visit his website at FusionAds.net or simply follow them on Twitter @Fusion .

About Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads is an ad tech company behind a new kind of advertising network. Carbon connects advertisers to highly-relevant users through targeted verticals we call Circles.

These circles are made up of influential publishers who lead or are engaged within their industries. To their audiences, Carbon brings well-designed, value-focused ads, displayed one per page above the fold, for quality brands, products and services that readers actually need and want.

For more information about Carbon Ads, you can visit his website at CarbonAds.net or simply follow them on Twitter @carbonads .

There's also another contest on 10ReasonsToFallInLove.com , one chance to win an iPad 2.

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