Case Study "Bakers Delight" Virtual Webstore by Jason Chieng


In this case study you will see how Jason Chieng turned a real bakery look into a virtual webstore. The case study shows every step of the way along with some info about the progress. The final result is awesome, check it out.

Jason Chieng

Digital Agency: Visual Jazz Client: Bakers Delight Deliverables:Virtual Breadstore for Bakers Delight constructed/rendered/texturized completely from scratch in Photoshop only. Reference Photo

Step 1

Sketching out Virtual Breadstore and fine tuning perspective...

Step 2

Introducing flat textures in wood panels, floor tiles and wire shelving.

Step 3

Adding highlights & shadows...

Step 4

Adding in ceiling texture, signs and glass paneling on front display.

Step 5

Introducing ceiling lighting, positioning of labels and kiosks.

Step 6

Bringing in bread to the rear racks and adding reflections to the adjacent walls.

Step 7

Bringing in the rest of the bread to the front display racks...

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Paulo Canabarro

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