Case Study: Ugmonk 2.0

As a brand, it's never easy to introduce a new identity to your users. So the thing is people never ever like  change. To commit your users to a new logo is committing them to new behaviors, vision and etc. It is quite a challenge and will take time to adapt. Some brands play it safe and some go completely overboard. We would love to share the latest work from Jeff Sheldon over at Ugmonk that introduced us a whole new identity. We've been a fan of Jeff's work for a long time and look ahead for his future (kickass) endeavors.

The original Ugmonk logo has held up well over the past 7 years, but as we have evolved from a few T-shirts to a much bigger lifestyle brand, the logo has started to feel out of place.

So, over the last year, I’ve been playing and experimenting with an update. Our new logo reflects Ugmonk’s high-quality and minimalist aesthetic, and still reflects the quirkiness and personality that separates us. It’s light, breathable, and simply geometric—just like everything we make.

Each product is a peek into my head, and sharing the stories behind them has always been as important as the products themselves. It’s been awesome to connect directly with you and to build the brand slowly through those stories, one person at a time.

A Year in the Making

About Ugmonk

Coming from Downington, USA; Jeff Sheldon is the face behind the brand Ugmonk. What started as a passion and still, now running a brand with hundred of loyal happy customers worldwide. But not as a corporation but instead being accessible and transparent as possible.

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