Cavalier: The Inaugural Collection

I've followed Taylor Pemberton's Cavalier project since it started as merely a concept brand back in 2010. The project was so well executed that after much high demand the brand was officially launched in February of 2011 with a full product line available permanently as the Cavalier Inaugural Collection: a perfect gift for the classy man in your life or, you.

Though its conceptual roots reach back to 1953, 1959 and 1968, Cavalier was born in 2010 as the product of opportunity and a long-standing desire to revive the values of these touchstone years. The project's early form proposed the return of class and character, and our first product sketches took shape as a rugged yet sophisticated rendition of heroes past and present.

You can check out the whole line here. Below is a look at their initial lookbook from two years ago that has this really great timeless americana mood.

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