Chapter V - "Retro"


I love retro futuristic artwork, it has been my favorite style since the beginning of my career and it's always cool to see more people exploring that. Today I share the work done by the Sense Collective for their new chapter, the Chapter V - "Retro".

We present our ensuing chapter, titled "Retro". Inspired by the Retro futuristic art of Syd Mead. Within this chapter we wanted to realize the old-world society's views/interpretations of the future, sci-fi and distant modernism

Sense is an aspiring collective filled with talented artists. They've been able to work with truly interesting people. When it comes to design, they judge success by the number of people positively touched by their work. Craftsmanship plays a big role, of course, but in the end design should make people happy or, at the very least, not to upset them.

Sense On:

Written by

Fabio Sasso

I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts.