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Growing up without computers is something that might sound crazy in this day in age when we can have smartphones more powerful than the best PC of the late 90s early 2000s. The best thing about not having access to this technology is that it gave me the opportunity to learn about paper and to appreciate the craft behind using it. This love still lingers until this day and every time I spot a project that showcases something on this matter I have to post about it here on Abduzeedo. Introducing project CH'ARTS by Adrià Molins.

This project blends a simple style, heavily inspired by the Swiss Style, with the beautiful texture and depth that paper can give to any project. The natural shadows produced brings back a nostalgic analog feel. So much so, I wish I could have a poster like that to hang on my wall.

For more information about Adrià, check out her portfolio at - and now enjoy this beautiful project.

Description by the author

The natural shadows produced brings back a nostalgic analog feelHow many hours invests Europe in arts education? / How art education has changed in Spain along six educational laws? CH'ARTS, is a final degree project, in collaboration with Fab Café Barcelona that aims to answer these questions using graphic design and data visualization as an effective communication tool for social improvement. Special Thanks to: Fab Café Barcelona - Collaboration Anna Vilchez - Photography Eduardo Manso and Adrià Gomez - Typography Oscar Medina, Sergi Delgado and Pedro Baños - Support and all my friends and family

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