CHI Development Center- UI/UX

CHI is a UI/UX project for a Ukraine, development center located in Kharkiv. The project was shared by Sergey Filonenko and we can highlight a few reasons that it deserved the feature. First the nice grid system and typography. Second and most important for me, the abundant white space. They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and, in my opinion, Sergey achieved that quite well. Of course there is a lot of questions on how a design like that would work in different screen sizes and mediums, however for the inspiration sake, I will keep that project on my list of simple, yet elegant UI/UX solutions

Sergey is a UX designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He has quite a few beautiful projects on his Behance profile. I have an special admiration for the simple UI/UX ones. For more information check out


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