Cirgráfica Branding

Cirgráfica is a Brazilian company in the publishing and high quality printing industry. The company's perception was unclear and did not have distinction among its segment, and we needed to divert us from the common visual paths taken for print companies, to convey a new perception for Cirgráfica. Moreover, with digital convergence appreciation of quality print needs highlighting.

The overall concept for the project was simplicity, the main objective was that the user experience was much more sensory than visual. With that in mind, we used a simple logotype, timeless, which adapts easily to all kinds of surfaces.

Still considering the sensory matter, we have developed some icons inspired by the graphic print markings and the operation of large printing machines. The icons were designed so that we could explore them in various types of graphic finish, and on them, we would use every print finish possible to explore sensoriality among the print samples material.

We developed a graphic system to be used at different times so that viewers can feel the different types of graphic finishes. As a practical example, we have the custom cards with a sheet of each finish and material used in it, so the customer that is not familiar with printing finished has a perfect sense of how it will look when printed.


  • Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
  • Brand Strategist: Luís Feitoza
  • Design Development: Verônica Sauthier & Murilo Pascoal
  • Product Photography: BR/BAUEN
  • Social Strategist: Frank Michael
  • Copywriter: Ana L. Machado
  • Print Production: Cirgráfica

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