The Classic Style of a Token Gift

Celebrating Christmas in July? As far as professional gifting services go, Token’s done a great job building a product around a universal truth: great gifts are tough to find. But when you mix their classic take on elegant packaging & brand that says a whole lot with just a little — well, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Token popped up in 2015 and has been steadily amassing one of the best collections of quirky, thoughtful gifts I’ve found on the web. Sure, of course there’s Amazon, but staring into the void of their search box three days out from that birthday I forgot is a very specific, very familiar pain for me.

Enter The Token Gift Finder. I put in a gender, my relationship with this person, some bits about them, and BAM: Unicorn neon desk light for my cousin. Or a fantastic set of cookies and coffee for Nana. It’s so simple, I’m able to almost forget that I almost forgot somebody’s birthday.


And to top it all off, Token hand-wraps their gifts with some truly lovely packaging made right in New York City. The ribbon, box, and interior stuffing all make your present feel exceptionally considered — they’ll even include a handwritten note if you need them to!

If I were to nitpick on anything though, as nice as the packaging is, I'm always a little shy about the word "Token" on the box. It's a bit of a giveaway that I used the service. Although, I suppose maybe that's the point  (they are a startup, after all!) and it certainly hasn't taken away from the overall experience. It helps that the wordmark is so simple and understated.  Also: I love their little token-starburst-hexagon mark. It sums up the whole brand and really nicely for me. 

It's worth checking out if you haven’t already, if only for their lovely site & classic 50’s illustration style.

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