Clever Art Direction for Coke Advertising

Coke Bubbles is an advertising and art direction project shared by Sascha KuntzeAditya Hariharan from Dubai and Hugo Rochette from London. It's the type of art direction I get really excited about because it is a clever example of photo-manipulation. Everybody is familiar with the Coke bubbles but the idea of making them using photo of a crowd was quite unique and very creative. At first I didn't get it but when I payed better attention it was like the FedEx logo. That's the reason we are featuring it here. Enjoy it!

Art direction

  • Chief Creative Officer: Paul Shearer
  • Executive Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran
  • Creative Director: Sascha Kuntze
  • Art Director: Hugo Rochette
  • Copywriter: Aditya Hariharan
  • Photographer: Daniel Botezatu
  • Photographer: Jelena Jankovic
  • Retoucher: Litematter
  • Retoucher: Ramadan Ibrahim
  • Business Director: Tarek Shawki
  • Senior Account Manager: Amy ElAskary
  • Marketing Manager: Effie Kontopolou
  • IMC Manager: Islam ElDessouky
  • Media / Connections Manager: Sherif Ghanem

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