Coca-Cola 100x100 by Greig Anderson

Coca-Cola is such an iconic brand and their bottle is a trademark. You can see that form and recognize immediately that it's Coca-Cola and of course their marketing team is super smart to explore that. Another great example is the beautiful work that Greig Anderson created for Coca-Cola 100th anniversary. Just check out after the break and you will understand what I am talking about.

We were proud to be selected as one of 100 design studios worldwide invited by Coca-Cola to submit a poster design to mark the 100th anniversary of their iconic glass bottle; ‘The Contour’. Taking a classic Coke poster as inspiration, we used the shape of the bottle to create 100 unique ‘bubbles’. These were printed using actual Coca-Cola and the bottom of the famous Contour glass bottle. Follow the campaign at #mashupcoke #cokebottle100

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