Collabograms: Ken & Klem

What’s more interesting is mixing different mediums to accomplish a premium creative experience. It’s just interesting to gather what’s good from different aspects and all come together to simply create. Our folks from Adobe has started a new series entitled: Collabogram.

Mixing two things which is Collaboration + Instagram, they will pair up two artists which for this case were Ken Davis who is a traditional sigh painter/gold leaf artist. And also with Klem who is a stained glass/tattoo artist who’s a master when it comes to ink and glass. Together, they decided to go with the theme and common love for Motörhead. Let’s take a closer look at the result and hopefully we’ll see more of these in the near future.

What better way to expand your creativity than to expose yourself to an art form completely different from your own? To prove our point, we paired up three dynamic duos who specialize in (seemingly) incompatible art forms and challenged them to collaborate and create something awesome together. Welcome to our first installment of Collabograms – brought to you by an oddly matched pair named Ken and Klem.


Collabograms: Ken & KlemCollabograms: Ken & KlemCollabograms: Ken & KlemCollabograms: Ken & KlemCollabograms: Ken & Klem

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