Colorful Brand Identity for Cafe Buho

Futura . is a design studio based in Mexico and they shared an awesome and very colorful brand identity project for Cafe Buho, a coffee shop located in Chile. They took inspiration from urban art and the Chilean muralist movement. Their reinterpretation is based on the "costumbrista" art and in the style of the streets and history of this country. They project it by elevating the coffee process, from the farmer who sows and harvests, as well as all those involved, to the customer who drinks a cup of coffee.

Cafe Buho, a coffee shop with a different With the approach of using a bright color palette and geometric shapes, the designers from Futura.  managed to create a brand that attracts attention, which is timeless but appeals to new markets. A different, original and disruptive brand that captivates the consumer.

The colors are quite modern and the reminds me of Pop Art, especially some of the work of the famous Roy Lichtenstein, however more abstract. Another good reference in terms of inspiration that might have been used was the Brazilian artist Romero Britto.

Brand identity

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