A Magical and Tasty Lettering Series

What would it look like if you could put a foodie spin on popular fairy tales? “Hungrily Ever After” is a collection of colorful hand-lettered book cover art that reimagines fairy tale messages if their characters were big foodies. Filled with puns, parodies, and playful illustrations, this series will appeal to your appetite and childhood storytime nostalgia.

This personal project is created by Belinda Kou, a Chicago based lettering artist and illustrator who found her work-life balance drastically shifted upon the unexpected events of the 2020 pandemic. As a now exhausted working mom of two toddlers who absolutely love storytime, she was inspired to combine her children’s (and her own) fascination with fairy tales with her current passion for food as a creative outlet during trying times and invite others to experience the fun and comedy of some new twists on favorite stories. 

And they lived hungrily ever after…

Belinda Kou is a freelance lettering artist and illustrator specializing in combining playful letterforms with detailed illustrations. Often drawing inspiration from foods and beverages, she creates pieces infused with color, energy, and humor. She has had the pleasure of working with clients like NPR, Coach, The Washington Post, Trader Joe’s, and Nespresso.

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