Concept Car Design

Last week we saw Elon Musk unveil the new Tesla Model 3 and an incredible number of pre-orders. I followed the event via Twitter and other social media tools and I was amazed by the reactions. It reminded me of the Steve Jobs' Apple Events. Also the fact that people pay a thousand dollars for a reservation for a car that won't be available till 2018 is a testament that people love electric cars, especially well designed ones. Because of that in this post I will share some awesome car design concepts by Alexander Imnadze.

Alexander Imnadze is a 26 years old and curious about automotive design & art in general, he has already worked in some of the world most-wide recognized design studios such as Alfa romeo - Maserati, Design house Bertone & now Ford motor company. Since childhood he was always passionate about cars robots & sculpture, "this affected my life a lot" - he says. He went thru art school/musical, to architecture, computer game industry as a sci-fi concept artist to automotive design. During his journey he was always trying to push himself forward and keeping his mind open.

Bellow a few of Alexander's work.

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