Cool&Creative Furniture Design

I love seeing cool and creative design, no matter what it is. I always end up seeing some really crazy furniture design so I decided to make a nice selection of pieces that I wouldn't mind having, it's fascinating the freedom of creation and the imagination that these designers had to create these pieces of art also called furniture.

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Dharma Lounge

Stand Forget Breath Acknowledge Observe The Dharma Lounge has come to fruition through the exploration of using text as both structure and decoration.The purpose of this chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal and communal experiences and memories thus substantiating the lifespan of the product. Customizable colors, text and languages are an option Palette Industries offers as well. By: Palette Industries

Modular Shelving Unit

"Vjunok/Bindweed" Series By: Maria Yasko


Home Cinema Seat Solution By: Hakan Bogazpinar

DsRt Sofa

Personal work By: Vincent Cadena

BBB Pick Chair

The first foldable cantilever chair, goes from wall art to functional furniture with a flick of the wrist. With an inspiring take on the maximization of space and transformation of an object from 2D to 3D, it epitomizes Dor Benshetrit's vision: the emotion of art interwined with the simple poetics of form following function. By: BBBemmebonaacina


Caramelo* (chair or rocking chair) a colorful wooden chair designed for kids By: Luis Luna


Branca is a bookshelf designed to be made in plywood but it can also be made in plastics. It was born with the idea of natural shape abstraction, as its primary concept. Its shape comes from the simplification of a tree branch so it still reminds that natural world. This shelve is thought to allow the user to put it in many different possitions. By this way Branca can compose a usefull tree in the user´s wall. By: Rafael Fernandez

The Camus Floor Lamp

“You cannot create experience you must undergo it” Quoting from the prolific writer Albert Camus, the lamp is a manifestation of the dualisms of life. A beacon for the human experience the lamp is constructed to be a humble exterior shell teaming with chaotic self reflection. As light penetrates through the voids of the text, it becomes a symbol of the juxtaposition of our own internal concepts of existence and the ones we attempt to maintain on the surface. Continuing the exploration of typography as a means of decoration and structure (Dharma Lounge) the Camus floor lamp creates situations where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object through denotative and connotative ideals. By: Palette Industries


2008 Taiwan International Design Competition Finalist By: Yichun Liu

Cocoon Hanging Chair

By: Dupoux Design


Armchair design project By: Denis Syplenko

Hope everyone enjoyed and if you see some cool stuff like this share with us on the comments, thank you!

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