Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book


Books are an essential tool to designers, it's a source of reference and inspiration and despite the easy access to content through the internet I still believe books are the best medium for inspiration. We usually feature books that are available for purchase but on this post I want to share a really cool Kickstarter project by Joe Rubinstein, it's his book titled Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book.

Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book is beautiful representation of both the art of photography and the art of cosplay, hard bound with museum-quality high-resolution prints to show the finest detail of every single exquisite shot. Each character section will feature a minimum of 3 photos, including one detail shot, and a brief story about the shoot, the author's history with the character represented, or how he met the model.

A fine art photography book that presents a youthful sense of wonder and discovery. A true discussion piece, there's something for everyone to love in "Costumed Play". The more comic or fantasy-leaning will love the clever depictions of the characters and the intimate portrait feel, and the casual viewer can't help but be impressed with the technical achievements and boundary pushing concepts, even if they don’t know much about the characters or culture.

Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book

Cosplay sample images

Costumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay BookCostumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay BookCostumed Play - A Fine Art Cosplay Book

About the Author

My name is Joseph Rubinstein, and I have created one successful project on this great platform, and backed many more. I am coming to Kickstarter again, this time to bring a long time passion project to fruition!

I have been a photographer for many years, and have done work for major companies like Warner Bros, Red Bull, Converse, and Coca-Cola. In my personal time, I have also been shooting sci-fi, fantasy, and comic-inspired photography for almost 10 years.

After recently wrapping up a business venture that consumed most of my time over the last few years, I finally have time to dedicate to a project that encompasses a lot of my creative work!

For more information on how to support and help making this book reality check out… and back this project :)

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