Crazy Custom Shoe Designs

A lot of people don't notice but the creation of custom shoes it's just growing day by day, no only the creation it self but the community and the market that goes around these great and a lot of times very unique designs, so I made a selection of great works to drop our jaw.

Having a great custom shoe it's not only for the fact that you have something nice to wear, most of the times you wearing your customs to represent you self, in a way to display your work in your own feet or somebody else's. Today that's growing a lot, and it's been noticed, and for those who would like to have one, you have two choices, either you put some money out to buy one or you can go the cheaper and challenging way, by designing your own. It's not hard, if done one before and I willing to write a step by step tutorial if we get enough people interested, so if you would like to do that leave me a comment. Here are the babies I selected for you.