Cute Photographs of Dogs Shaking


I know this is completely unexpected. It is probably the most specific subject ever thought for a post, but hey, we all love dogs around here (at least most of us). I find really cute and funny how dogs shake off things from their fur, so that's why.

And it's a great moment for dog owners, or parents, depending on the level of excitement there. Anything their dogs do (outside the carpet) will cause the owners' heart to melt... I know because I had a dog in my childhood and most likely will have another one in a couple years from now. Anyways, these are some hand picked photographs that I find really heart warming. You should really check out each photographer's portfolio for more pictures of these doggies, simply by clicking each image. They will cheer up your day for sure! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Suzanne Phillips



The Ewok Shake

Eddie Miller

dog collar

Katherine aka "kat"

Shake it, Gabe-y baby!


shake shake

Micah Camara

Hello World

Graham McVicker

Dog Shake

Petra Cross

Tornado dog


shake it baby


shake it!

Balassa László


Gordon Hunter

dog shake

Brian Taylor

Shaking While Still in the Water


Daft dog

Mark McDonald

Dog Washing

Aaron Johnson

Golden Dog and Ocean

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