Daily Dose of Design Challenge

Motivation is probably the most important thing when we want to learn and improve our design skills. Actually not only the design skills, but every thing we want to do or become. Motivation drives us to overcome the barriers and keep moving forward. There are a lot of ways that people keep up with that, one is the daily projects. Lucas Berghoef decided to start a Daily Dose of Design 'Challenge', where he challenges himself to create at least one Dribbble shot every day next to his ongoing projects.

I picked up some of the designs he has shared over the past month and it's awesome to see that variation of styles, typography and other things he has been exploring. It's indeed an inspiring effort and deserves to be featured here on ABDZ

Lucas is a young passioned graphic designer currently working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He works as a freelance designer and he's always interested in collaborating with other passioned designers & agency's with fresh ideas. For more information check out http://www.lucasberghoef.com/

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