Divergent Type Explorations by Artur Tenczyński

Artur Tenczyński has shared a type collection of explorations that are creative and divergent to one another. I am sure if there are commercial or personal explorations but one thing for sure. It's inspiring! Instead of exploring one specific style or set of colors; Arthur went all loud on this one and it's awesome. If asked which one is my favorite? I would say: 'roasted' just because of its angle and also the technique used to recreate what has been done so far?! You will be the judge.

Typography & Graphic Design

About Artur Tenczyński

Artur is a freelance graphic designer from Berlin, Germany; make sure to follow his work on his Behance. Colorful, experimental and inspiring, give Arthur some love.

Written by

François Hoang

Running by the name of François Hoang, I am the Editor and one of the writers on the blog. If you wanna request a feature, tweet me at @AoiroStudio.

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