DLX Future Typeface: Celebrating Typography and Font Design

Explore DLX Future, a unique typeface blending typography and font design with the spirit of creative leadership, crafted by Future London Academy.

In the vibrant world of design, typography holds a special place, bridging the gap between visual art and verbal communication. The DLX Future typeface, born out of a collaboration between Future London Academy and its Design Leaders Programme alumni, stands as a testament to the power of typography to encapsulate diversity and creativity. Each letter in the DLX Future font tells a story, a nod to the individuality of creative leaders worldwide.

Crafted with care and creativity, DLX Future is built on the foundational shapes of the circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and a whimsical wriggle wire. These elements, inspired by the Bauhaus pillars, mirror the layered approach of the Design Leaders Programme—aiming to cultivate better humans, products, teams, companies, and contributions to a better world.

Designer Polina Kirei, in collaboration with Future London Academy, has infused the DLX Future font with a blend of textures and forms. From fuzzy edges to sharp angles and whimsical loops, each character within the typeface is imbued with a unique personality. This approach not only showcases the varied backgrounds and perspectives of the programme's alumni but also reflects the dynamic nature of leadership in the creative industry.

The DLX Future typeface evolves annually, with each new generation of DLX alumni contributing their own glyphs post-graduation. This iterative process ensures that the font remains a living, breathing representation of the academy's ongoing mission to foster innovation and leadership in design.

For enthusiasts and professionals in typography and font design, DLX Future serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the impact that thoughtful design can have on communication. This project exemplifies how design can be a collaborative, evolutionary process, echoing the continuous growth and learning that defines the journey of a creative leader.

By focusing on the design aspects and the unique collaborative approach behind DLX Future, this article highlights the intersection of typography, creativity, and leadership. The DLX Future font not only celebrates the diversity of creative minds but also paves the way for future explorations in the field of typography and design.

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Learn more about Design Leaders Programme: https://fla.wiki/42IuH1x


  • Designer: Polina Kirei, Future London Academy
  • Typefaces: OnyFuture
  • Location: London, UK 

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